The Moral Minima

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Relativism and Morality Class: SOC120 Introduction to Ethics and Social Responsibility Relativism and Morality Morality, in many societies has been an ongoing, global contended issue. At its simplicity, it describes a code of acceptable behaviors in a given society. However, a Moral Minima is morality-based word that by definition means “minimum morality’. It sets the standards by which the members of a society have to adhere to be operating within the limits of proper moral conduct. With the advent of civilization, morality has become an issue that is interpreted in different ways depending on the angle at which one looks or evaluates from. This has given rise to three areas where morality is supposedly received or obtained. In the first area, morality can be considered relative to the laws of a given nation that stipulate as being morally right.. In the second area, morality can be said to have also been derived from religion where various religious affiliation have their own sacred scriptures by which members are expected to adhere to in a certain manner. In the third area, there is the personal source of morality. This is the area that has sparked controversy, as it is subject to many forms of interpretation and personal understandings. In Lenn Goodman’s work, we see an argument that states there are some things, which are certainly wrong. He confirms the existence of our four fundamental and universal things that fall under the category of wrong and unacceptable acts in a society moral-minima. The first, he explains is genocide that encompasses politically instigated famine and germ warfare. The second is terrorism that also includes kidnapping and child labor force. The next is polygamy that extends to cover incest and slavery. In addition to this last category, rape and female genitalia mutilations are also included. I suspect for
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