"The Moonlit Road" by Ambrose Bierce

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In this paper I’m going to discuss "The Moonlit Road" by Ambrose Bierce. "The Moonlit Road" is a horror story that has a gap that can never be filled. The gap is the murder of Julia Hetman, which remains an open case. The story is told by three characters, each one is a first person narrator who shares in his statement what he knows about the murder. The gap affects all three characters in the story negatively. The gap in "The Moonlit Road" is the unsolved murder case. Julia Hetman, the wife of Casper Grattan (that’s not something that actually appears – you assume this), and the mother of Joel Hetman, Jr. was strangled to death, and no one knows by whom and why. The case couldn’t be solved because the three narrators have gaps in their statements, which will never be filled. Still, we have many reasons to believe that the murderer is Casper Grattan. Joel Hetman, Jr. mentions in his statement that his father loved his wife and was very jealous for her. Moreover, we can see in Casper’s statement that he says that he loved his wife and distrusted her, so he wanted to test her devotion towards him. He claims that he saw' the figure of a man going out of their house at night when his wife was supposed to be there alone, and he got very angry. As he continues with his story, he confesses that that night he was the one to strangle the wife, “I strangled her till she died” he says. Still, we can’t be sure he did so because Casper claims he lost his memory, and isn’t sure whether what he remembers are dreams or memories. By the end of his statement, he says that he met his wife’s ghost and was terrified because she recognized him, even though he changed his name and was a different man now (yes, but she recognized him before he "changed" his identity). I believe that the reason he was terrified of the recognition is because he tried to hide or somehow erase his history

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