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English Book Report By: Brett Johnson Due: November 2, 2012 1) The plot of the book of the “Sidekicks”. Scott saves a woman, then he goes to school and the next day he gets beat by monkey wrench. And he get embarred on nation T.V. then finds out that monkey wrench is a girl. He falls in love with her. P.J tries to kill him. Allison dies and Scott doesn’t like that. Scott saves her and then he joins a clan and then he makes sure P.J doesn’t come back. 2) Well the picked paragraph 3 on page 77 in the book sidekicks. Because it talks about how the sidekicks are suppose to wait for the really people to start fighting before they can. But Scott is so mad at monkey wrench that he can’t hold it any longer and he is the starts the fighting. And the camera people love focuses all their attention on them. 3) The setting of the book called the Sidekicks is in New York City mainly at night time but sometimes it is during the day when Scott goes to school. School is the main character. The time period is present time like October 2012 so it is the same time period as us. He is always fighting people it can be by yelling with someone, his trainer, bad guys, and/or with the school bullies. His leader/step dad is really rich. His name is Phantom Justice, that’s his super hero name and Scott’s sidekicks name is Bright Boy. Bright boy wears neon colors and tights. Phantom Justice wears all black so no one can see him. 4) Scott Hutchinson is the main character. The story is like in first person. He talks about what he thinks about everything and what he does on a normal day. So like on a normal day he wakes up and he trains with Louis, eats some very good pancakes, then he goes to school. Scott is not popular in school at all he has not friends. Usually he leaves school early to go fight bad person with his super hero. Scott is a sidekick to Phantom Justice, which

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