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The Monomyth Every story usually starts with a beginning, middle, and end. Usually, in the beginning the narrative sets up a hero and his story, then gives the hero a challenge he needs to face and defeat before he can be happy and wins the girl of his life. Creating a movie can be quite a challenge and not as easy as writing a story. Joseph Campbell is an American psychologist and mythological research; he wrote a famous book titled The Hero with a Thousand Faces. After years of research, he finally came up with a form to create hero myths and stories that can be used all around the world. Campbell discovered several stages that almost every hero-quest goes through. He called this structure, the monomyth, in which he obtained from Christopher Vogler in the Twelve Stage Hero's Journey. This method of structure came from Campbell's book The Hero with a Thousand Faces. Campbell divided the hero's journey into three main parts which are departure, initiation, and return. But these three main parts were divided into 17 stages, each part is composed of 5 or six stages each. Not all myths contain all the stages, some of them contain very few or in a different order. The monomyth starts with Separation; this part has five stages in it. It begins with the "Call of Adventure" this is where the heroes are called away from their comfort zone, from their everyday life. The hero is removed from their typical environment. "Although they usually refuse the call they eventually get underway knowing that they must go because something important is held in the balance of life and death" (Ray, 2014). The last part of the monomyth is the return, and the last stage of this part is freedom, where the hero goes back to their ordinary life. The hero returns home as a changed person. This changed person learned many things in their journey because of the many dangers and struggle they

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