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The Monkey’s Paw “The Monkey’s Paw” by W.W. Jacobs explores whether or not humans are controlled by fate, an idea with which humans continue to struggle. Throughout the text foreshadowing, symbolism, and imagery are used to explore the consequences of choosing to tempt fate. The characters of the story are given the opportunity to make three wishes, and then most choose whether to use and how to use the potential power over fate. Although “The Monkey’s Paw” itself is used as a symbol of greed, as well as an object to draw victims in by granting the wishes of his or her heart. In the story the monkey’s paw is used as taking. “The Monkey’s Paw” is described as moving like a snake. Commonly snakes are known to represent evil or bad people being around. A person who wishes for something is trying to change their situation, or fate. The White family did want to change their situation by wishing for a better outcome. Greed is not only associated with money, greed deals with having everything and wanting more. The purpose of the paw is to influence the White family to change their fate. Despite the White family being told of the previous owner’s experience, the family is still willing to take a chance. The consequence of what will happen while wishes are made with “The Monkey’s Paw” at first is unknown. The family does not realize that wishing with the paw, is another test of what they were warned of from the beginning. The simian face that Mr. White see’s in the fire is an example of foreshadowing. In the story Mr. White says he saw the monkeys face in the dying fire. Also were spell is to represent the paw being evil. “He put a spell on it so that the three separate men could each have three wishes from it.” Spell is being described to scar because spell is commonly associated with something or someone being evil. Here the reader can ask was it fate or

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