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The Mongols:The Rise of Genghis Khan The Mongal is a 2007 historical film that tells the story of Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan is a fearless leader who almost conquered half of the world. Genghis Khan was influenced by his child hood life. In the movie, it started off by telling Khan early life. Khan grew up on strong tribes. His father was the leader and many people fear him. At the age of nine, Khan traveled with his father in order to seek for a wife. Khan eventually chooses his desired wife, Borte, who was a member in Onggirat tribe. During journey back home, Khan’s father was poisoned by another clan. After his father death, the tribe was in chaos because they refuse to have a nine year old son to be the head of the tribe. Later, the tribe disbands and left with only Khan’s family. Khan was left with nothing so he went to seek the The lord of the Great Blue Sky to give him strength. During his early age, Khan went through a lot of hardship. Khan also made a friend from another tribe and soon they declare brothers. At his early age, Khan was a slave of Targutai. Later again, Khan was seen as a young man. On one night, Khan managed to escape from Targutai and later he was given a horse to escape. The first thing that Khan does was to find his wife, Borte. Khan went to Borte’s tribe and asks her to leave with him. Borte and Khan went to see Khan’s mothers. On the same night, the Khan’s family was attacked by another tribe who wanted to steal Khan’s wife. Khan and Borte were being chased by the tribe and soon Khan was shot down by one of the tribe member. Borte think that if Khan was caught, he will be dead so Borte hit Khan’s horse to flee away from the tribe. Soon, the tribe caught up to Borte and captured her. Khan felt angry so he decided to ask his brother to help him out to find his wife. His brother accepted his request and sends about one hundred

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