The Mole People

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Mole Notebook Question #1 Culture is everything that people have, think, and do as members of a society. All cultures are composed of material objects, ideas, values, attitudes, and behavioral patterns. A subculture is a subset of the mainstream that maintains its cultural uniqueness. A subculture shares features with the larger society but differs in some important respects. Using an emic approach, I know if I were to move into the tunnels, I would have to face many cultural adjustments. I would have to change the way I carry out my daily routine. I would have to be more open to conforming to my community. As Jennifer Toth talks about in her book, members in the community are like family to each other. Growing up in a small family size and not many family friends, I would have to get used to living with a bigger community of close friends. I feel that American mainstream culture has influenced the sub-culture of the Mole people in a unique way. I almost sense that the communities beneath the ground want to separate and make themselves uniquely different than those above ground. Its as if they embrace the fact that it’s so different from communities above ground. I also think that the sub-culture of the Mole people takes even longer to evolve than the culture above the streets, thus making it hard for a small change in the culture above ground to influence that of the mole people. The difference that I see between “us” and “them” is that I believe that the mole people are more devoted to living a life with a community. Toth states in her book, “Their community provides them with a sense of physical and psychological security and in their eyes also sets them apart, and above, the mass of homeless wandering the streets aboveground.” Compared to people living above the ground, the Mole people are open to and embrace the idea of living together
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