The Modest Proposal Analysis

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ENGL 102 Evaluation of the Modest Proposal There are many proposals that can be made to reduce a population and poverty. Many believe that a nuclear bomb would destroy such an entire country if wanted to, but the reality is there are many ways to do it. A child is a blessing from heaven for a couple to have, and not everyone is lucky to be able to conceive a child. In 1729, Johnathan Swift would write The Modest Proposal, where he makes an outrages proposal to reduce population and poverty in Ireland. With many ideas that Johnathan Swift had he proposed that babies would make a good meal and would also reduce the population, and eventually would be removed from society so that there would be less poverty in the future. This writing has a…show more content…
Though Swift expressed this proposal was unrealistic, it sounded as if he was be realistic. He stated that by age children would become thieves as work wasn’t much and they would be starving. Children would be more of a healthy meal by age one. They don’t need real food during age one as their mother nourishes them with their breasts. A well-nourished child would weigh up to 28 pounds, which is good for a two person meal. Selling babies to the more fortunate was a win situation for both parties, the poor would have money in their pocket with less to worry about. On, the other hand the rich would have a good healthy meal out of the…show more content…
As Swift was trying to make the rich value the poor, and to maybe help them out. This piece of art, as most say is very interesting and has a very good argument. This proposal is so well written that most people who read it actually think Johnathan Swift was really proposing Ireland to breed babies for consumption. Overall it is a very successful essay, with a lot of supporting ideas of why he is making this argument. His main goal was to reduce the population and poverty in which Ireland was facing at the time. Even though he proposed to tax landowners, to value the Irish woman, to buy local merchandise, not to spend money on foreign luxury but, instead to buy from Ireland, which of course would be babies. Work Cited: Swift, Jonathan. “A Modest Proposal.” The Art Bin: Origo. n.d. Web. 16 May 2014. Brenner, Y. S. "A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of the Poor from being a Burden to their Parents and Making them Beneficial to the Public Plagiarized from Jonathan Swift and Modernized by Y.S. Brenner." International Journal of Social Economics 23.1 (1996): 59. ProQuest. Web. 16 May

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