The Modest Proposal Essay

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ENGL 102 Evaluation of the Modest Proposal There are many proposals that can be made to reduce a population and poverty. Many believe that a nuclear bomb would destroy such an entire country if wanted to, but the reality is there are many ways to do it. A child is a blessing from heaven for a couple to have, and not everyone is lucky to be able to conceive a child. In 1729, Johnathan Swift would write The Modest Proposal, where he makes an outrages proposal to reduce population and poverty in Ireland. With many ideas that Johnathan Swift had he proposed that babies would make a good meal and would also reduce the population, and eventually would be removed from society so that there would be less poverty in the future. This writing has a successful argument, of course not somewhat realistically in our world today. He argued that it would make parents actually pay attention to the pregnancy so that they wouldn’t get a miscarriage, mainly aiming at males they would value their wife more, because they wouldn’t have the luxury to lose that baby. His goal was mainly aiming in the reduction of the population and the poverty of Ireland as informs the reader. Johnathon Swift reminds the reader that his goal in this proposal was to reduce the personal and poverty in Ireland. Of course this proposal was with respect to Ireland’s critical circumstances, and was not meant to disrespect other countries such as England. This proposal was suggesting different solutions, such as buying only local merchandise, to tax landowners, and not to buy expensive foreign luxury, but most important to restore the morality of the Irish woman. His ideas came from the years of him suffering throughout the years and this would be a solution. He wanted to make his audience believe this was the solution for Ireland at the time. Convincing some that he was being serious of such a thing, to help

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