The Modern Period Essay

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The Modern Period Time of Literary revolt and creativity Hinted at violence and negativity of the age Marked the erosion of the British Empire Marred by WWI and WWII Timeline Einstein, WWI, Freud, Gandhi, Nazis, Churchill, End of WWII World War I’s Effects Lasted from 1914-18- Treaty of Versailles “ended it” Britain was greatly weakened Inspired Irish revolts for independence (1922) Country lost power World War II’s Effects Before Britain could recover Eng. stood against Germany and Japan Won the war but were crippled Nationalism and economy shattered Entire generation wiped out Aftershocks of War Physically and Psychologically wiped out London bombed Winston led Why Modernism? Revolt against the conservative values of realism Departure from normal forms, styles and beliefs Felt the old and traditional approaches were becoming antiquated and redundant Characterized by questions: Religion, politics, science, philosophy, anthropology, technology All comfortable knowledge bases were shattered Wanted to “make it new!” Reaction against changes of the age Modernist Interests Rebellion and disruption of tradition Regress and revolt are inevitable Overwhelming sense of pessimism Reaction against Victorian optimism Academia embraced modernism Interested in counterculture approach Thematic approach: alienation, disillusionment, spiritual emptiness, inhumanity Modernist Trends Imagist poets- dreamy and deranged- new apocalypse Sought to capture the unconscious mind in work Novels in 2 categories High modernism- personal, introspective, difficult Reactive modernism- realistic, political, moralistic Hahahhahahhahhahahahhahahhahad Jessica uses her phone=its fine Josh uses his phone- what the heck are you doing?!? Are you crazyyy! New Social Freedoms Women gained freedoms in: Suffrage Clothing and hobbies Artistic
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