The Mission Movie Review

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The Mission is a true story based in Paraguary in the 1700’s. The foundation of the story starts out with the Jesuit priests who leave Spain to bring Christianity to South America. In remote parts of the jungle the Jesuit priest set up a mission to benefit the Guarani Indians one of the local tribes. The Indians slowly take to the giving of the Jesuit order and form a strong bond. A political struggle arises between Portugal and Spain placing the newly formed friendship in jeopardy. This struggle turns the Indians and the priest into allies against the invading Europeans. The Mission has many story lines in addition to the story about a Jesuit priest that travel to the Brazilian jungle to start a missionary for native Indians. The focus of the mission is to convert the Indians to Christianity. Fr. Gabriel, played by Jeremy Irons is promoting unity between himself and the Indians. The unity can be considered critical to protect the Indians from conforming to slavery. The slavers come into the jungle and kill or capture the Indians, dragging them away from their families and tribe. This in turn, brings into play the character of Robert De Niro, Mendoza. Mendoza is a rough and a materialistic slaver who is married to an unfaithful wife. The storyline takes a turn to lust, greed and infidelity. Mendoza’s wife has an affair with her brother-in-law pitting brother against brother. In a fit of rage Mendoza kills his brother. Deeply sadden Mendoza slips into a deep depression; he has no will to continue on with life. Father Gabriel of the Jesuit order comes to offer penance. Gabriel takes Mendoza into the jungle for a journey that will forever change his life. Mendoza brings with him things that he feels are valuable, the “valuables” almost cost Mendoza his life. This is a pivotal point in the move because when climbing the mountain to the mission

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