The Missi Essay

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Ironic Souls Alexander and his twin brother, Stryder, both at the age of 14, walked toward their father's lair. They were both dismayed at seeing their father because of how terrible he used to be in their childhood. (Flashback) When Stryder and Alexander were sitting in their play room, they heard their mother and father fighting. There was a thump and a sudden silence and their father came into the room with a knife and blood all over him.” Mommy's gonna be away for a long time boys so things are gonna change from now on”. (Back to now) As the boys entered the hall, a deep voice rumbled in an echo.” You may come” their father proclaimed. They walked forward into a long black tunnel that seemed to have no end. Then a large door opened by itself. A man dressed a in black robe, sitting in the center of the room, rose and turned. All that was in the room were two candles, one on each side of the man being their father. “ my sons, I have a request from you”. “what is the request”?.”A simple one” he said humbly.”All I have for you are these two things” and he handed Alexander a piece of paper and a circular object.”That is all I have for you, now go” and the two boys left in without a question. Stryder took the note and read “Go to Welkynd Stone St. in Metro city“.” That's in old metro city, why would he want us to go there”? Stryder pondered. So they headed on their way to Metro city. While walking together in rhythm Stryder got a odd feeling.”Do you feel that”?.Alex replied “ya.....ya I do”. When they got to a split in the road a black figure appeared and stopped them in their tracks.”What are you two up to at this time of night”? A girlish voice asked.”were on our way to metro city Maddie(I'm so gonna regret this),sigh, do you want to come”?.”Are you kidding? Of course! So all three went of on the quest. Maddie Tried to wedge herself in between the boys and put
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