The Mirage-Jah-Jah-Jah-Jah-Jah: Original One Act Play by Wesley Hemmann

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The Mirage-jah-jah-jah-jah-jah: By Wesley Hemmann Scene 1 (Vanessa is standing to the left of a closed traveler’s entrance, very still & quiet. A sign on a post to the right of the travelers opening reads “The Mirage”. The end of the sign has a small piece of cardboard taped onto it that reads “Jah-jah-jah-jah-jah”) Teagan and Bella come running in from USR and throw themselves at Vanessa’s feet, “dead”. Vanessa smiles very creepy-like, looks down at the girls and then to the audience. She opens up the curtain and the two girls quickly crawl through. Scene 2 (Inside the hotel: there are two comfy-looking chairs, a side-table with a lamp on it on stage right. A front desk is on stage left.) Teagan and Bella crawl to the front desk and Teagan rings the bell, both girls collapse on the floor. Charles slowly rises from behind the counter and walks out from behind it.) Charles – Welcome to the Mirage-jah-jah-jah-jah-jah. Is there anything my staff can get for you? Teagan and Bella motion to their mouths as if to say “water” Charles – Vanessa-sa-sa-sa-sa-sa! (Claps twice) Vanessa pops up from behind the counter with a squirt bottle, walks toward the girls and squirts them in the faces. She then returns to the counter and slowly lowers down. Teagan and Bella savor the water and are rejuvenated. Bella slowly stands up. Bella – Where are we exactically? What is this place? Who are you? Charles – If you would have been listening to me when you two were dying of dehydration, you would know that you’re at the Mirage-jah-jah-jah-jah-jah! Teagan – (Standing up) The Mirage-jah-jah-jah-jah-jah? Charles – That’s what I said, the Mirage-jah-jah-jah-jah-jah! The finest luxury hotel in the entire Sahara desert! Bella – Okay… So why is it the whole way out here? Charles – Would you have wanted to die of starvation out in the cold dark desert? I don’t think so! It

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