The Miracle Essay

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The Miracle June 26, 2011, State Soccer Clubs Championship. Greenwood is where all this started; at the park behind Save a lot. That’s where all the teams would come and play their games. I played for a team called Calabasillas. I was the goalkeeper of the team. We were undefeated coming up to the championship game. All season my uncle has been in my ear. Motivating me and pushing me to be the best player that I could be. Our defense has been playing like crap all season, and I had to get us out of a lot of situations. Second half of the game, and five minutes left to play; GOAL!! The other team scores and puts the, up by one. I felt like crying because I knew the game was almost over and we were going into overtime. The ref added five extra minutes after the ninety minute mark. Game was almost over with only two minutes left to play, and the whistle blows; PENALTY!! My teammate name Chaparro was fouled inside the box and gets a free shot. He took a few steps back, he runs up, shoots, and GOAL!! The score was tied up again, and we going into overtime. Well its overtime and the score is all tied up with a minute left to play in the first half, and Chaparro does it again for us; he scores. The score was two to one going into the second half. The second half was very interesting, because there were a lot of shots going on. Then on the last minute of the second half our defense breaks down and the striker passes right through them. It was one on one against the striker. He shoots, I touched the ball, but the ball still goes in for the tie. Boy was I mad at the defense. Then comes the penalty kicks and everyone were nervous. Eight kicks later the score is tied four to four. Each team had one more kick left and we were up first. My teammate which name was Dago was up to shoot. I had to turn my head because I didn’t even want to see what was going to happen. He

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