The Minor Characters of the Great Gatsby Essay

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Minor Characters In the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald The minor characters play an important role in contributing to the plot and give the reader an overall understanding of the novel as a whole. The three most important minor characters in the novel are Myrtle Wilson, George Wilson and finally Jordan Baker. All three of these characters contribute a great deal to the novel as a whole. Though their parts are small, without them the novel would not be the masterpiece that it is. Jordan Baker is the minor character with the biggest part. Jordan Baker’s most striking quality is her dishonestly. She is tough and aggressive - a tournament golfer who is so hardened by competition and because of that she is willing to do anything to win. At the end of Chapter III, when Nick is thinking about Jordan, he remembers a story about her first major tournament. This incident stays with the reader throughout the novel, reminding the reader (as it reminds Nick) that Jordan is the smart but extremely dishonest new woman, the opportunist who will do whatever she must to be successful in her world. Jordan Baker’s use in the novel helps Fitzgerald get the story told. Because she is Daisy's friend from Louisville, she can supply Nick with information he would not have otherwise. She also serves as a link between the major characters, moving back and forth between the world of East Egg (Tom and Daisy's house) and West Egg (Gatsby's and Nick's houses). She is rich enough to be comfortable among the East Eggers but enough of a social hustler to appear at Gatsby's parties. Jordan serves still another purpose, she is actually Nick's girlfriend during the summer of 1922. The Nick-Jordan romance serves as a good sub-plot to the Gatsby-Daisy relationship, and allows the reader to compare and contrast the romantic-dream like love of Gatsby for Daisy to a very practical but weak

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