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The Mind Of A Writer There is no doubt in any reader’s mind when reading the novel Lord Of The Flies that William Golding is a beyond magnificent writer. Golding has a rather unique style of writing that both makes and breaks the value of the novel. Throughout the novel Golding includes great detail, characterisation and honesty. Golding wrote Lord Of The Flies in a third person point of view which added to the quality of the novel. The third person view let Golding give the readers inside knowledge on what the characters were thinking in order to bring us along on the emotional journey betrayed by the characters throughout the novel. For example, referring to a hunting trip that Jack takes, “he was happy and wore the damp darkness of the forest like his old clothes” we can interpret that Jack is happy and comfortable while hunting on the island (Golding 147). This style of writing lets the reader make a judgement of a character without the filter of another characters judgements. From start to finish the detail Golding included in Lord Of The Flies helps the reader to have visuals and feel almost as though they are there watching what is happening, rather than just reading what is happening. The detail produced by Golding occurred not only when describing settings, characters or scenes but also the simple things like weather “up there, for once, were clouds, great bulging towers that sprouted away over the island, grey and cream and copper-colored. The clouds were sitting on the land; they squeezed, produced moment by moment this close, tormenting heat” (Golding 151). Although detail is great, Golding sometimes added details that were completely irrelevant to the novel by not adding any information to the story line “Henry was the biggest of [the boys]. He was also a distant relative of that other boy whose mulberry marked face had not been

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