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Schizophrenia is one of the most chronic of the severe mental illnesses. It is considered a 'functional disorder’ with some doctors call a sociological phenomenon. This means patients with schizophrenia are normal people that are driven insane by the insane world (Gelder, et al., 1989). However, antipsychotic drugs and recent leaps in biological research have countered this idea that steams from early findings. Advancements in molecular biology, neuroscience, and brain imaging over the years have provided a great deal of pertinent information for the biological foundation of the disease. Like many other “unsolved mysteries”, there has been many theories of possible causes of this disease. An example of this is the years of family studies that imply that schizophrenia may be inherited. Scientists still cant pin point how many genes are involved or how the genetic pattern is transmitted, and how the environment may play a role in this. Another part of research has identified in specific, the framework and functions of the brain. Neurobiologists on the other hand suggest that schizophrenia may steam from the neurons forming inappropriately during the early fetal stage. The present categorization of this disease has been fairly recent. The disorder is characterized by delusions or hallucinations, looseness of associations, disturbances in the victim’s sense of self, and bizarre or offensive behaviors. It typically develops in the late teens or early twenties and majority of people with schizophrenia continue to suffer chronically or episodically throughout their lives (Kendell & Zealley, 1993). A well known universal observation about schizophrenia is that it tends to run in ones families. However, it has become possible to investigate, systematically, what role genes truly play in the disorder. Family studies The first family studies (from a systematic

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