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The Mind The mind is often associated or mixed together with the brain, but the two are different from one another. The brain is a physical object within the skull, and the mind, I believe, is what holds your personality and emotional feelings. The brain detects physical pain and lets us know that our body is in danger, but it does not alert us of emotional pain or happiness. The mind is what makes you feel happiness or sadness. If someone you have feelings for ended the relationship with, it is the mind that makes you feel the pain. The brain would be able to comprehend that you should feel pain, but it wouldn’t directly make you feel it. I think the mind is located in our thoughts. Without thoughts, I do not think that humans would have minds. The statement “The mind is a social construction” I believe means that our mind is forever building. I like to think of our mind as plot of land that a house will be built on. Before birth we just have this land without a house on it. From birth, we start to build our “mind house” and we learn what makes us happy and what we stand for and against. However, our house is never done because our views change overtime so we have our structure of the house, which would be our core values, but we change some of the cosmetic looks of the house that resemble our views that fluctuate. Overall, I believe that we are building and remodeling our “mind house” from when we are born until we

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