The Millennial Student Essay

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By Dr. Carol Elam, Dr. Terry Stratton and Denise D. Gibson, Ph.D. DR. CAROL ELAM is associate dean for admissions and institutional advancement and director of medical education research at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine. A professor in the Department of Behavioral Science, she has published work on such topics as the medical school admission process, the importance of diversity in the medical school student body and service learning. DR. TERRY STRATTON is assistant dean for student assessment and program evaluation and an assistant professor of behavioral science at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine. He has published work in the areas of non-cognitive factors and clinical skills, gender discrimination and sexual harassment in medical training, and assessment of classroom and clinical teaching. DENISE D. GIBSON, PH.D. is assistant dean for academic support and associate professor, Clinical Psychiatry at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine (OH). She teaches study skills and national board preparation and coordinates tutoring and advising programs. Her publications include medical specialty choice, physician career satisfaction, medical professionalism, counseling the millennial generation, and support services for medical students. 20 | SPRING 2007 JOURNAL OF COLLEGE ADMISSION W W W.N ACACN E T.ORG Welcoming a New Generation to College: The Millennial Students Introduction High on any required reading list for college-level student affairs officers and high school counselors is Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation by Neil Howe and William Strauss (2000). Experts on generational change in the United States, the authors contend that the current generation of college-age and pre-college-age students possesses many unique qualities that will both delight and challenge professionals working at various stages of the

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