The Military and Mandatory Service

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The discussion of National Service is once again a hot topic issue in America. Unlike years past, the new proposals would be more far-reaching than simply drafting into the military. Thoughts of past mandatory service remind us of protests and riots, where only the poor and uneducated have to serve. Proposed mandatory service now, with the backing of strong political figures, will reach into every corner of America. Whether our country embraces it, or sees it as a step toward communism, it is topic that demands discussion. Mandatory service has always been associated with the military, now military and other forms of national service are being discussed in the highest political positions. Mandatory service is a concept that has been around since the United States first fought for our freedom. This system has been known in the past as conscription and the draft. The government demanded a period of service from men and women to meet wartime force requirement. The need for mandatory service was last implemented at the end of the Vietnam War in 1973. New proposals for a National service would have many new options, but would still include some form of military obligation. Though many see this as an obligation to serve the country in the military or community, there are still many questions left unanswered. Though the state of a mandatory national service is now up for discussion in America, mandatory military service is a way of life in many countries. Countries with Mandatory Service The proponents of national service have often referenced the success other nations have had with mandatory service. There are numerous nations that require some version of mandatory service for their nation’s youth. A large majority of these nations have limited their national service to military obligation only. For example, Israel mandates that all men at the age of 18

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