The Milgram Experiment

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Chaz Stouffer Professor Herlihy Tuesday, March 24, 2009 Milgram Experiment Essay Milgram Experiment After WWII a major experiment was tended to for the reason to study how someone would obey orders under certain circumstances. There were many actors, interests, institutions, and events which went along with the experiment and with the war. The actors that the historical situation Milgram is responding to are: Nazis, Germans, and the Jews. The Nazis’ interests are to exterminate the Jews and to respond to their supervisors orders. The Germans’ interests are to obey Nazis orders so they would not have to be at fault for being against the laws of Hitler. Few Germans weren’t for the Holocaust and the extermination of the Jews, but most of Germanys population were. They just went along what they were told to do. The Jews interests are to live and get away from the Nazi rule. The other actors that are responding to the Milgram Experiment are : The learner, the teacher, and the person who is conducting the experiment. The learner’s interests are to obey the teacher’s orders and to receive punishment from wrong doing. The teacher’s interests are to give the learner punishment for not answering the questions correctly. This shows how when someone is given orders they will do them, even if they were wrong or not. This is exactly what the Nazi troops or the Germans had to do to obey their higher power. The person conducting the experiment has interests to give orders to the teacher to conflict pain on the learner if the learner gets a wrong answer. This is exactly the same orders Hitler would give to his soldiers to hurt or exterminate the Jews. Even is the teacher didn’t want to hurt the learner, the person conducting the experiment would tell the teacher he is not held responsible to the wrong doing on the learner. With that the teachers would proceed. The
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