The Middles Ages and Renaissance

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The Middle Ages and The Renaissance Period 2 During 450-1600 there was two periods of music the Middle Ages and The Renaissance. The Middle Ages took place from 450-1450. The three main classes during this time were nobility, peasantry, and clergy. Three composers from the middle ages were Hildegard Bingen, Guido de Arezzo, and Guillaume deMachaut. O Successores was a musical selection written by Hildegard Bingen. A mass which played a huge role in the catholic church was a worship service done in the latin language. Guillaume was one of the motet composers during this time and he wrote the Notre Dame Mass which is located in Paris, France. A motet is a number of choral musical compositions.Also during the middle ages the troubadours and trouveres were nobles that traveled throughout Europe. The songs usually performed by court minstrels most of them dealt with love. The Golden Ages was the best time of the Middle Ages because it was the time between the fall of the Imperial Rome and the beginning of the Renaissance. The Renaissance Period took place from 1450-1600. This period started in Italy and spreaded to the rest of Europe. Three composers from the renaissance were Josquin Desprez, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, and William Byrd. Ave Maria was a musical selection written by Josquin Desprez. In both periods many contributions were made by the catholic church to society such as schooling, medical care, inspiration for art, music, and culture. The catholic church also rose to replace the Roman Empire as the unifying force in

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