The Middle Passage

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The Middle Passage Movie Review The Middle Passage is a movie produced by HBO that takes a disturbing look at the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The Middle Passage is named after the middle portion of a triangular trade route that connected Africa, Europe and America. This film executes the story of the black men and women that were forced to leave their homeland. The purpose of this moving picture is let the viewers know the horrifying truths that these African men and women faced while traveling the Middle Passage. The purpose of this film and the theme of this film go hand in hand because the theme focuses on the feelings of melancholy and despair of the passengers on their journey. Due to this immense dark theme, I feel it has brought motivation to viewers to realize the dark times of slavery. This film went right along with this history course. After discussing the Atlantic Slave Trade in class, The Middle Passage brought life to the things we discussed and shed new light on the harshness of slavery. The Middle Passage is directed by Guy Deslauriers and is narrated by Djimon Hounsou, who plays the spirit of a dead African captive. There is no real dialogue, just the almost poetic narration. It is his voice we hear while we watch long frames with little or no movement, forcing the viewer to take notice of the brutality of the voyage. His narration is what brings the film to life. His role is very important as it narrates the film with a strong sense of emotion. He does a great job of reaching the viewer, and grasping them to understand this unforgiving truth of history. The Middle Passage plays an extremely important part in spreading knowledge of the cruelty of slavery. This film mixes Djimon Hounsou’s narration with horrific images. During the first half of the movie, the film wastes no time in exploiting the horrifying conditions in which these captives
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