The Middle Ages Art Period in Comparison to the Renaissance Art Period

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Art Period Essay 1 The Middle Ages Art Period In Comparison To The Renaissance Art Period Angela Dyer Western Governor’s University Art Period Essay 2 The Middle Ages Art period is the name that has been given to cover the different art styles that spanned over about a thousand years. It began around 200 AD and ended around 1450 AD. This period of time is often referred to as the “Dark Ages“. The Middle Ages began when the Roman Empire was Taken down by German Visigoths, and divided into two parts, Eastern and Western. The Western part of the empire fell apart, while the Eastern part of the empire stayed intact. The Catholic Religion of the time was split by the Great Schism that transpired. This caused the Catholic Religion of the west and the Byzantium Empire in the east. The growth of the Eastern Orthodox Church had a significant impact on the art of the period. In the first centuries of the period, around 200 AD to around 800 AD, the stability, population and prosperity of the people saw a significant decline. After this time there was a steady increase until around 1350 AD, the time known as “Black Death”. Over this time it is estimated that over a third of the population was lost. Many of the regions did not reach their former population levels until around the 17th century. The regions were short on agricultural labor and there were large amounts of unused land until around the 11th century when the Medieval Warm Period benefitted the agriculture until around 1315 AD. Throughout the Middle Ages the regions and the people were plagued by many invasions from outsiders. There are many styles or smaller periods that are incorporated in the Middle Ages Art Period. There is the Early Christian and Late Antiquity art period that ran from about 200 AD to about 500 AD; this covered the introduction of Byzantine art. The Byzantine Art period ran from around
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