The Middle Ages Essay

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Plagues & Witches – Paper Middle Ages 11/18/2008 The High Middle Ages in Europe was a time of growth and expansion, not only in terms of population, but also in terms of ideas. New developments and ideas involving the economy, government, and religion caused almost every aspect of daily life to change. There was a reason for why each town was located where it was. The town had necessities such as water for many factors. Most towns had a stream running through or beside them, so therefore there needed to be a stream around the area of the town. These towns consist of mostly merchants who were considered the middle class. They were the peasants who would move from their manners into the towns. There were also wealthy merchants, who were usually the business owners. Every town had a church which was run by a bishop or monastery. There were also groups called “guilds” which were in their own section of a town and ran a specific business and all lived together in their section. They also had their own banks, medic units, patron saint, and they treated each other like they were all family. They would tend to help each other whenever another was struggling financially. Around 1000 AD, the main government the towns had was the church. The bishop or monastery ran the towns, in other words, they made and enforced all laws. The “judges” for prosecution were also the church. However, the church had no control in the country sides. The country sides were controlled by Nobility. From 1100 AD – 1300 AD, the merchant class began to develop more and wealth began to increase due to increase in trade. Business owners were not forced to stay in towns, they could pick up and move anywhere at anytime. Because of the increase of wealth by the merchants, they church’s power began to fade and by 1300 AD the merchants had control over the towns. There are many different

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