The Mexican Revolution Essay

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The Mexican Revolution can be categorized as the first great revolution of the 20th century which was cause by the need for the dictatorship of Mexican President Porfino Diaz to end. This revolution was not just one type of people wanting the end of his regime all classes joined the revolts against his form of government. The Mexican Revolution was led by Francisco I. Madero he was seeking a way towards democracy while others didn’t have the same goal in mind. The lower classes were rebelling against Perez but with a different intent in mind. These dwellers as they were called wanted their land and rights that taken away from them back. The revolution soon changed when they realized that Madero was not in support of their goals and they began a revolution of their own seeking justice. This chain of events led to the death of Francisco Madero once he was killed the movement was revitalized by Victoriano Huerta. Huerta brought the necessary changes to the revolution in my opinion. The revolution didn’t happen all at one time it occurred in stages. Many things can be stated for the causes of the Mexican Revolution. One of these reasons was economic inequality while others many suffered while others flourished. While under Porfino regime Mexico did have vast improvements although it was a cost to the little man. For Porfino to truly bring change, he advanced many aspects of Mexico such as the railroad which was ongoing growth and Industry. With help from foreign investors he was able to do more such as build highways, railroads, revive the mining industry that once had fallen these thing which were great had too high a cost. Many Mexicans were left in poverty these changes led to the Revolution. All the causes of the revolution were due to Diaz ruling and dictatorship especially when the peasants lost their land. It can be label as the common case of “the rich get

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