The Meticulous Carpenter

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Fardad Hajirostami Mr. Henry A.P. Literature 24 March 2013 The Meticulous Carpenter Throughout the early stages of the novel, other characters perceive Cash as an apathetic perfectionist who busies himself in what seems to be unnecessary deeds. In the early parts of the novel, Cash does not narrate much and even when he does, not much is revealed past his outer shell. Cash’s intentions and philosophical views are further revealed in chapter 53, where he takes the place of Darl’s role as the main narrative. Earlier in the novel, Cash expresses himself through his actions rather than his words. When Cash is building Addie’s coffin, Darl describes Cash and his tools as one whole entity by personifying his building of the coffin in the way his tools glimmered in the dark as if they maneuvered themselves. It is difficult to understand Cash’s motives early on in the novel due to his lack of insights and the constant judgments that are directed towards him by various characters. In a way, however, readers can interpret Cash’s behavior to stand for something more important, such as demonstrating his love for his mother and in a way and trying to understand his role in the family as the eldest child. Both Cash and Darl share many similar traits that seem to be obfuscated due to the way Faulkner develops the plot of the Bundren family’s journey. During heated situations, Cash, similar to Darl, remains calm and almost too tranquil while Jewel, in great contrast, seems to at multiple places at once. While Darl and Cash are narratively much different from one another, they both demonstrate similar qualities when it comes to the real world and their lack of words. Both Cash and Darl, and even Jewel, have somewhat unconsciously grasped their mother’s purpose in being reserved and therefore see no use in expressing their opinions or thoughts. Cash also possesses the ability
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