The Metamorphosis Reflection Essay

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The Metamorphosis I am intrigued by the use of Freudian Psychology within Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis. Kafka introduces the Ego psychology from the beginning of the book; the Id, the ego and the superego. Gregor represents the human mind and his family represents the trinity of ego psychology. After the metamorphosis, Grete becomes the super-ego by trying to do moral actions in helping Gregor be happy and away from the family. Mrs. Samsa becomes the Id whose shows maternal love for her son with hope and prayer for his betterment. This leave the Ego for Mr. Samsa, who becomes the rational part of the mind regaining his authority in Gregor’s absence, getting and job, and supporting the family. Furthermore, Kafka depicts the downside of a capitalistic society. Kafka portrays a family that has become parasitic to their supporter and once their supporter is liberated from his obligations to work, he becomes useless to his family. Gregor clearly dislikes his job and is only working to “pay off [his] parents debt” (Kafka 4). He “[holds] back for [his] parents’ sake,” otherwise he “would have quit long ago” (4). The toll that the job creates for Gregor is seen when his mother defends his tardiness by saying that he never thinks of anything except work, never goes out and just does things quietly around the house. Additionally, Kafka uses the boss and the manager to show what is wrong with capitalism especially when the manager states that “businessman very often simply have to overcome a slight indisposition for business reasons” (10). Kafka shows how dehumanizing and isolating capitalism really is where everyone is treated as ether being able to make a profit or useless. Gregor’s family could also be seen as an allusion to capitalism. Since Gregor is not supporting them anymore, he is of no use and therefore they don’t need him anymore, showing the effect that

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