The Metamorphosis of a Youthful Man Essay

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There are many methods to show that importance of a theme throughout an essay. The literary devices that are chosen by an author help put emphasize on the topic of the essay. Krakauer use’s many literary devices to proclaim the truth within his book. In Into the Wild, there are various significant themes that stand out. Though Chris McCandless encountered many obstacles, his passion of finding himself, did not descend. As his journey continued, he began to find his true self within the difficulties he was facing. To achieve true happiness, one must interact and share it with the people that surround him and her; a message that is revealed through Chris McCandless’s persona the importance of money, and the depths of the Alaska taiga. As Into the Wild goes on, the characterization of Chris/Alex is strongly created on to. The young adventurous man, created his own persona. From going ill prepared to denying any help from others, he had the mentally that he knew what he was doing. “According to the moral absolutism that characterizes McCandless’s beliefs, a challenge in which a successful outcome is assured isn’t a challenge at all” (p 182). Even since McCandless was younger, he was always extremely fortunate at everything he tried; he was always successful in new things. This caused a sense of over confidence in Chris. When he set out for his journey, he thought that he would do fine, just as he had done before. He did not comprehend that it is okay to accept help from others. He was very self bounded. Even though he was very independent, he began to form bonds that he would never forget. “That fall he developed a lasting bond with both the town and Wayne Westerberg” (p 19). McCandless conversed from being an independent, youthful man, to beginning to trust and be able to have someone there. Through the characterization of Chris McCandless, his life findings are

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