"The Metamorphosis" Analysis

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Frans Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” is a very famous story of a man transforming into a giant insect. The underlying meaning of the story is difficult to pick out pretty interesting, however, the story is difficult to continue reading for more than a small length if time; I was not enthralled by the story at all. Many writers have written exciting and entertaining stories with hidden meanings throughout, but Kafka’s story was not enjoyable. The most appealing part of the story may have been towards then end where the men with beards discovered Gregor’s existence and were upset by his presence. They had protested, saying “…Naturally, I’m not going to pay a penny for the time I’ve spent here…” and so on (Kafka Par. 75). I was hoping a fight would break out, giving the story some bit of excitement. Although the story was boring, I must say I thought it was rather intriguing trying to figure out what Kafka was trying to say through Gregor’s and his family’s attitudes and actions throughout the story. The story was told in a third person limited omniscient point of view where the narrator shares or knows Gregor’s feelings and thoughts and this, along with other clues helped me come to the conclusion that Gregor’s transformation into an insect is representative of his normal life. The most obvious clue of the connection between the transformation and Gregor’s live is his own reaction to the horrific event; He was hardly shocked at all. Any human who finds him or herself transformed into a huge insect would think of nothing but disbelief, and yet, after one quick exclamation, “What’s happened to me?” (Par. 2), and the brief thought that it may be a dream, his mind went right back to his normal life. Once he realized that he could not go back to sleep and forget it as though it were just dream, he exclaimed how tiring his job as a traveling salesman was: “Always on the go,

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