The Metamorphosis Essay

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The Metamorphosis Though difficult to interpret, an explanation can be found upon close inspection of Kafka's works. As with most of his stories, The Metamorphosis can be explained in several different ways. Unusual from the start the Metamorphosis begins with Gregor Samsa waking up transformed into a bug. As the story moves forward, Gregor appears to accept this fact fairly voluntarily; he never stops to question how such a transformation could realistically occur. One might expect a person who transformed into a bug over night to question about the possibility of such an occurrence. Gregor's apparent lack of concern over his condition begs a doubt as to whether any physical change actually occurred. Although the story presents the mutation as fact, one might argue that it serves as a metaphor to illustrate the state of the Samsa household. Prior to Gregor's transformation, he led a quite boring life, which, accidentally, did not change greatly from the life of an insect. He concerned himself almost exclusively with his work, doing everything he could to provide for his family. Gregor did not have any real friends or hobbies, and outside of his sister he maintained a distant relationship with his family. He was anything but a normal human being. The real metamorphosis occurs when he realizes his present situation and his role in his household. Gregor does not turn into a beetle; he simply recognizes that he has been one for quite some time. This sudden epiphany could most definitely send him into a shock that causes the mental sickness, which eventually leads to his death. The first part of the metaphor shows itself in metamorphosis. Out of all the things Gregor could change into, he changes into an insect. Most insects, especially ants and bees, have some sort of workers that provide for the rest of the group. Gregor provides for his family in much the

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