The Melanin Crisis in China Essay

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THE MELAMINE CRISIS IN CHINA Name: Institution: The 2008 melamine milk crisis in China was a food security issue. Initial the management staffs of Sanlu group were oblivious of the presence of melamine in their product although some staffs were aware. However, with this knowledge they continued with the production of powder milk using melamine (Petrun, 2010). Similarly, Beechnuts discovered the presence of fake apple juice. After a series of reported cases on health complications due to consumption of the product, the blame shifted to suppliers. In case of crisis most companies blames it on suppliers, which is not an acceptable strategy, with the Sanlu group crisis the executive were heavily penalized. On July 2008, the first infant suffering from kidney failure due to feeding from the Sanlu baby milk was hospitalized. Later on, more of those cases were reported globally. On realizing the presence of melamine in their product, Sanlu management pointed figures on the suppliers. However, this painted a bad image of the company management to the public. Strategically Sanlu group management staff portrayed a picture of disunity in their management team. Failure is part of a business; fear of disappointment to a sense of feeling overwhelmed by the scale of a problem creates more trouble. All of this makes it important to address the issue. Manager ought to understand the impact of inappropriate idea out of crisis response as it is a strategic service to public relation. In the actual sense, the suppliers were to blame but for the sake of maintaining the company’s brand name and royalty, taking responsibility was the solution. Repossession of public confidence following a damaging situation requires operating decisions that assuage the public suffering. Moreover, reinstate self-confidence in the brand equity, business, staffs, and reconstruct relationships

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