The Medieval Period Essay

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The Medieval Period The middle Ages lasted from 500 AD to 1500 AD. Even though so many scholars regard to it as the period of the Dark Age, It marked so many great achievements. In the following paragraphs, I would be talking about the power of the church, feudalism and interesting figure in the medieval period: King Charlemagne One of the most important and interesting things in the medieval age was the power of the churches. The people in that time were very religious and the churches had great influence and power. Religion was part of the society and life. The high members of the church had more power than normal religious leaders. For example, because people feared hell and that church was getting its power from God, people were afraid to break the laws of the church. The church started collecting taxes and accepting indulgence from the people to forgive their sins. One of the key conflicts in the medieval world was between the Christian West and the Muslim East. Islam was rising all through the crusades, Western Christians and Muslims saw each other as the enemy, although as trade and contact increased, Europeans learned much from Muslim civilization. Feudalism also played an important role in the medieval period. It refers to a system of political organization, in which an individual called a "lord" has control over several common people. It was the process by which the upper class people maintained control over the lower classes. Kings and lords granted their vassals or people land (called fiefs) in order to secure service and a form of respect called homage. They had the privilege of passing their land on through inheritance after their deaths, but they also pay taxes to their lords. The feudal society was constructed for no reason other than security. Most of these peasants or vassals were farmers. Charlemagne was one of the most powerful kings to have
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