The Media We See Today Essay

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It seems as we move further and further into the future, the mainstream informative media changes; and it is not for the better. The main issue with mainstream media today is the commercialization of the news where only stories that pertain to a certain demographic are reported on. The government is constantly in motion. That is, bills and laws are constantly being reviewed and modified and new ones introduced and if these bills or legislation’s disagree with a main demographic of a studio, they will choose not to report on it. This is corruption. It is the duty of informative media to report truthfully on events with no bias or demographic so that all of the general public can know what's happening around. When a certain demographic is in mind, the truth is almost always compromised. In the documentary “Orwell rolls in his grave” by director Robert Kane Pappas, a great example of this is shown. That is, in the 2000’ elections with the huge controversy surrounding the votes. This is a perfect example because of the natural split in republican and democratic views. Mainstream media companies who chose to cater to a republican demographic chose not to report on this controversy and in turn make it seem like less of an issue. The media stopped reporting on it so people stopped talking about it. Also, the same media companies would now write articles about how they should get on with it and forget about the recount. “For those of us who just think whoever gets the most votes should win and wanted a fair election; the journalism didn’t reflect that interest.” (Prof. Robert W. McChesney 20:05) A more recent example of this is with a controversy over bill C-32 that is to be passed, regarding the internet. There is a lot of controversy over this because of worries over privacy and higher internet prices. The government plans to pass this bill, and even

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