The Media And Its Effects Essay

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The ideals that are portrayed through the media are, to me, the most pressing issues today. Through television, radio, magazines, and newspapers, negative messages are being presented to the world's youth. Though some of these media outlets are intended to raise awareness of some problems, most have the opposite effect. Bad behavior, poor body image, drug and alcohol use, lack of morals, and violence is becoming "normal" in society. I have seen, first hand, that high school students are becoming desensitized to things that are truly horrible. Today, anyone can turn on the television and watch a celebrity being handcuffed and taken to jail, but two days later, it will be announced that the celebrity had the charges dropped or something to that extent. It gives high school students the impression that because you are famous or wealthy, the consequences of your actions do not apply. This false sense of security leads many of those students try things like shoplifting or driving under the influence. There are T.V shows now that glorify the idea of “partying” as drug and alcohol use underage. Teenagers, in most cases, act impulsively without considering any consequences. Schools present information to students about the effects of drugs and alcohol, but most students have the “It Will Never Happen To Me” mentality. They do not believe that even minor alcohol use can change to alcoholism or that smoking marijuana can lead to an addiction and more harmful drugs. An international study showed that countries with alcohol ad restrictions lowered the consumption of alcohol by 16% from before the restrictions and traffic deaths due to alcohol were lowered 10% from before the restrictions. Body image distortion is becoming more ordinary throughout society. A study showed that 53% of thirteen-year-old American girls are “unhappy with their bodies,” and by age seventeen, the

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