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Hybrid engines in the automotive industry Construction and principle of a hybrid car. Hybridization in toyotovski, its nature and direction of specific symptoms. The first serial hybrid "Mercedes". Russian gibridomobil and assessment of the prospects of its mass production in the future. Such documents are 1. The principle of a hybrid car Specifics of the principle of operation of electric transmission. The distinctive features of a hybrid car, driven by a system of "motor - internal combustion engine", fed by a fuel and an electric charge the battery. abstract [38,1 K], 29.3.2010 added 2. powerplant control system Hybrid Car Background Pollution exhaust fumes of cars and how to resolve it. Features environmentally friendly car. What is a hybrid car, its advantages and disadvantages. The traction drive and propulsion.abstract [877,6 K], added 10.10.2010 3. and principle of operation of the engine car Parts of a crank mechanism (CSV). External features and their corresponding fault CSV.Purpose of the system timing, the main problem. The principle of the cooling system. The classification of motor oils. abstract [33,4 K], added 20.10.2010 4. VAZ 2121 Device Specification steering the car VAZ-2121, ensuring Traumatic. Purpose, structure and principle of traction, the main signs of failing to detect and eliminate the causes of the order of a sharp clutch. coursework [7,5 M], added 08/10/2011 5. Hybrid engines Causes of hybrid engines. Scheme of hybrid propulsion systems. Hydraulics as a major alternative to electric drive. Features a hydraulic launch aid, intended for use as an auxiliary drive. presentation [1,5 M], added 01.13.2011 6. Car Device General arrangement of the car and the appointment of its main parts. The working cycle of the engine, the parameters of his work, and device mechanisms and systems. Units of power transmission, chassis and suspension,

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