The Meaning Of Life In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein '

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Part of living life is that it;s a mystery in it self; the only certainty that we can hold as ours is that we will die. Victor Frankenstein has a loose interpretation of life and what it means to him. Henry Clerval has enlightened Victor on life’s understandings. He taught him to enjoy life, and what it has to offer. Victor best explains this through a quote “Clerval called forth the better feelings of my heart: he again taught me to the aspect of nature and the cheerful faces of Children (56)”. Victor takes in what Henry has to say, but his understanding of this is far greater then the natural world. The beauty in nature to him is that it can be altered and improved to the ways of his likings, or destroyed with the simplest of things. Victor’s understanding of nature and its course through life exceeds his understanding of any other human knowledge. He does not take it for what it is, but for what it can be. Human beings are of nature,s never ending cycle; we are like everything around us. What separates us from everything else is our capability to understand our emotions, feelings, and senses. Victor believes that nature’s course it a series of events that can be altered if he says so. He took the body parts of dead individuals and recreated life. This would be different if it was for…show more content…
Life in its beginning stage and ending stage gives us no specific date to when it starts or when it ends. Victor has given life a date of existence through the creation of his monster. Victor new when and where the creature would come to life, he new the exact time to the second, for he was the creator of it. God can be the only one with this information, and it should stay that way. That is the beauty of it all, not knowing when you will take your first or last breath. That simple understanding of life’s beginning and end is what separates us from any other form of
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