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The Meaning Of Internet And The World Wide Web Essay

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  • on August 21, 2011
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The Internet and the World Wide Web Basics
The internet was originally created as a means of redundant communication links between many places without disruption of service should one site have been taken out by nuclear attack. All sites are connected to all other sites and talk to specific systems through protocols. The fundamental reason the World Wide Web was created was to provide a way to view information other than just text. However, when the web was initially created the speed and volume of communication was very limited. The limited bandwidth spawned the idea of a mark up language that instead of sending large amounts of formatted data, the description of the data would be sent in a standard ASCII file and a secondary program would produce the final presentation and link the documents to other relevant material. This was the birth of hypertext markup language (HTML). This section will show the basic working principles of the web to effectively maintain your website. This knowledge is absolutely necessary to understand and will help to speed the update and resolution of problems.
The Global Network
The Internet is a global network of computers linked together through a communications infrastructure. It is far bigger than just the World Wide Web even though the web is the highest usage to the average person.
The important thing to remember in working on the internet is the origins. All current technology is based on the fundamentals of this original network of linked military and academic institutions. The infrastructure, standards and conventions, and protocols make the system work in a modular fashion. There is no great supercomputer or core database that controls the internet. The main controlling factors are the limited governing bodies that administrate the network itself.
Physical Infrastructure and Protocols
The internet at the basic level is no more sophisticated than a small office network. The internet was created and lives dynamically...

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