The meaning of Christmas Essay

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Christmas is a Christian feast commemorating the birth of Jesus. It’s a time of the year when homes are filled with excited children, loving parents, and the joy of giving to those less fortunate. Hearts are filled with warmth and love. Fire places are burning at their fullest with red and white fuzzy stockings hanging above filled to the top with nick-nacks and toys. Trees are covered in popcorn strings, colorful lights and with ornaments that each has a story of their own. Yards in the neighborhood are covered with white fresh fluffy snow and colorful blinking lights on the rims of the houses. Children are tearing apart that colorful neatly wrapped wrapping paper that’s covered with Christmas trees, snowmen, and little Santa Clauses over whelmed with excitement to see what Santa brought them this year. Plates that were left out the night before with carrots, cookies and milk for Santa and his reindeer are now empty. Parents are sitting back sipping on egg nog and watching the joy and excitement grow on there children’s faces as they unwrap there presents. Ovens are busy baking pies and other yummy goodies for dinner. Grandparents are rushing over filled with love and joy to help with dinner. Soon children rush out in the snow covered lawns wrapped in jackets, scarves, mittens and colorful hats to build tall white fluffy snowmen with carrot noses, coal buttons and tall black hats. Then dinner is served, the room is filled with warmth, yummy smells, laughter and love. Memories are in the making, tummies are full and warm by the time night falls people are happy and satisfied with all the hard work that went into making such a memorable day. To me the meaning of Christmas is family, love and happiness. I think that even if you don’t have money for presents that’s not what matters, what does is having and surrounding yourself with

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