The Meadows Essay

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This case study is based on the Meadows age care facility the facility has had problems attracting new residence and staff. The Meadows have breached crucial government regulations and now are required to apply for reaccreditation’ This case study will provide an overview of the aging work force, Resistance to retraining, Motivating the work force and training and developing all staff. As a Human Resource Consultant this involves developing a proposal to address the issues identified by the Board Improving efficiencies and Human Resource practices for The Meadows as the facility is pursuing re-accreditation as a government supported facility. Accreditation. As The Meadows have not met the mandatory accreditation standards for residential care they will not be eligible to receive subsidies from the Australian government(" Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency Ltd 2009.,")This will have an impact on the facility as without the subsidies the facility will not be able to train their employees, the elderly will also be affected as their right to a sustainable living will be neglected. However the facility will be given a time frame to meet their accreditation requirements, If the facility still does not improve their standards the facility then will be audited regularly. (Erin O’Reilly, 2012-13) international human rights agreements recognise every ones right to the highest possible standard of physical and mental health and also recognise the right to health care and to other services essential to health, including safe water, housing and health-related education some states such as Victoria, publicly funded healthcare services must comply with the (Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006,) The above protect many human rights. The target of all aged care residential service provider has a duty to achieve continuous

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