The Mcmartin Preschool Trial

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c Danielle Carrillo Mr. Olszewski English 1301 Period 6 09/20/2012 The McMartin Preschool Trial August 1983 the mother of a 2 year old boy reported her son had been abused by Ray Buckey. Ray Buckey worked at the McMartin Preschool as the only male teacher in the school located in Manhattan Beach, California. Peggy Buckey, mother of Ray Buckey, and Virginia Buckey, grandmother of Ray Buckey, opened the McMartin Preschool with the help of family and church members. After the mother reported this, Ray Buckey was arrested and then released due to lack of evidence, but the mother still continued accusing Ray Buckey. She stated her son returned home with his anus red and sore. Without having any evidence…show more content…
This case started going from sexual abuse to stories of satanic rituals. Parents of children claimed their children were forced to watch the McMartins mutilate animals, and also touch corpses in hidden underground tunnels. Investigators searched for these hidden passageways, but none of them were ever found. Other daycares in the Los Angeles area closed. Peggy Buckey, Virginia McMartin, Ray Buckey, and others were charged on 115 counts of child abuse. Ray Buckey spent five years in prison and this case lasted up to six years. The county paid $13 to $15 million costs of the trials and this was the most expensive trial in U.S. history. This trial wasn’t even as costly as the O.J. Simpson trial which was in comparison of $8 million. In the end everyone seemed a victim in the trial. Ray Buckey blamed the parents, and in a CBS interview said “Those poor children went through hell. . . . but I am not the cause of their hell and neither is my mother. The cause of their hell is the adults who took this case and made it what it was.” The parents and others felt betrayed by the justice system, and the people of Manhattan Beach were…show more content…
The best defense is to fully understand the past and not repeat it. Sources 1.Debbie Nathan, “The ritual sex abuse hoax,” The Village Voice, 1990-JAN-12 Online at The National Center for Reason and Justice, at 2. Paul & Shirley Eberle. “The Abuse of Innocence: The McMartin Preschool Trial”, Prometheus Books (1993). ISBN: 0879758090. The book’s authors attended the court sessions lasting over many years, and concluded that there was no case against the accused. 3. Paul Carpenter, “Keep McMartin case in mind as hysteria looms,” The Morning Call newspaper, Allentown, PA, 2002-MAY-19, Page B1 4. Dr. E. Gary Stickel, “Archaeological Investigations of the McMartin Preschool Site, Salem Trials, and 1980’s cases, Manhattan Beach, California,” at

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