The Massacre by Allen Pode

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“The Massacre” by Mary Rowlandson is a classic of puritans’ literature. The three topics that make this work by Rowlandson puritans’ literature are genre, style, and content the puritan religion and their traditions also affect their writing style and these three concepts. Genre plays on important role in puritan writing. By puritans’ definition, genre is a diary, history, journal to record events as God’s working. An example of genre in “The Massacre” is on the tenth of February 1675, came the Indians with great numbers upon Lancaster their fast coming was about sun rising; he ring the noise of some guns, we looked out; several houses were burning, and the smoke ascending to heaven. Date, Rowlandson is including history of the N.A. attacking the Puritans. Style is a large contributing factor in puritan literature. According to the puritans, style is defined as simple, no description, no emotion, harsh details. An example of style exemplified in “The Massacre” is there was one who was chopped into the head with a hatchet and stripped naked, and yet was crawling up and down. Wording R. uses is harsh; watching fellow puritans gets killed; leaves out all feeling or emotion. The puritans used bible references throughout their writing. To compare their lives, solve problems, week comfort. A bible reference used in “The Massacre” is of thirty seven persons. And I only on escaped alone to tell the news” (Job 1:15). He compares herself to job, job doesn’t lose his faith in God, neither does she. There was always a revelation by the end of the story. Q revelation is when the Author or reader is realizing something. A revelation that Rowlandson has by the end of the story is “I had often said that if the Indians should come, I should choose. Bennoves we had up and down the milderces. A revelation that Rowlandson has by the end of the story is would have is his

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