The Masque Of The Red Death Literary Analysis

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Bre’Shea Hutton Cox AP Literature-1B 22 October 2013 Life’s Many Colors From the commencement of the short story, “The Masque of the Red Death,” author, Edgar Allan Poe uses symbolism to create and develop the theme that no one can escape death not even the rich and prosperous, by presenting each of the seven distinct colored chambers and how they represent the various stages of life that every person must undergo before they die and move on to the afterlife. "The Masque of the Red Death" symbolizes the stages of life by displaying seven rooms that go in order from east to west showing the steps of life from birth to adolescence to adulthood to death. The first room, the blue room, portrays the beginning or the start of life. Continuing through the chambers, readers acknowledge growth, youth, and aging through the colors purple, green, and white. As the reader goes along, he/she notices as they come to the last room on the west, it is dark because it represents Death. Poe uses the rooms specifically to represent…show more content…
The clock serves as a reminder that the “Red Death” is coming. By placing the clock in the seventh room, it reminds Prospero and his friends that the Red Death is imminent. “...While the chimes of the clock yet rang, it was observes that the giddiest grew pale, and the more aged and sedate passed their hands over their brows as in confessed revery or meditation.” (Poe 3) As the clock rings, it forces everyone in the castle to realize they would soon be faced with the task of facing Death. The clock also stopped ticking when the last person died, as if the clock represented the countdown to death, and the people knew it. Every second, every minute, every hour that passes by, the people are reminded that no one can possible flee death. In the end, everyone dies from the Red Death as a result of Propsero’s

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