The Masque Essay

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“The Masque of the Red Death” literary analysis While reading literature you can look at the story the way it is written and intended to be looked at or you could analyze it a little differently using a lens. A lens is a way for the reader to analyze certain parts of a story in different kind of view using certain theories. A lens lets you dive deeper into the story to pull out things that you may have looked over. While there are many lens to choose from some lens fit stories better than others. In the story “The Masque of the Red Death” I used the fitting Marxist theory to analyze the story and go deeper to have a better understanding of the story under the lens. “The Masque of the Red Death” is the story of upper and lower class. A story of poverty and sickness and the power that rises above it all. That is why I choose the Marxist theory to look at this story in a different light. The Marxist theory states that society is a struggle between social classes. And to rise above capitalism the working class has to gain power through a social revolution. The story of the “Masque” follows right alongside this fitting theory. The Story begins describing the horrible disease that is the red death that is sweeping the country. This first line is already a foreshadowing towards what lies ahead in this story. That paired with the stories title can push you in the right direction with making a theory of what will happen at the end. The protagonist goes by the name of Prince Prospero; he is the ruler of this land. He lives in a palace away from the rest of the world. When the disease started spreading the prince decided to lock the doors to his palace and seclude him from the rest of the land. The story goes into great detail of the amount of money this prince has and the amount of things that make him rise above everyone else. After some time and growing bored of being
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