The Masked Ball Essay

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Nathaniel Hawthorn once wrote," No man, for any considerable period, can wear one face to himself and another for the multitude without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true." Hawthorn briefly defined the human race in these simple poetic words. We all, human beings, wear masks. We have different motives, different aimes and reasons, and we all face different consequences in doing so, but that never stop us from continuing to wear them. That is why this journey, life, is a masked ball. Masks are simply faces one wears to hide one's true identity. These masks are usually used in masquerade parties and events were people want to feel free to be a different person even for just a night without being mistreated or judged for it. In life these masks are metaphorical but still worn for the same reason. Sometimes we wear masks to feel accepted, loved, appreciated, sometimes we wear them because the truth is too much for us to handle, other times we just wear them to hide from the world we live in or the people we have become. But why do we do that? Is it because the human nature’s first instinct is to hide when faced with adversities? Is the first solution that comes to our minds is to run from our problems hoping they'd disappear? I guess this is true however the blame should not only fall on us. Society plays a leading role in this terrible truth. Nowadays we live in a world were being different is a shame instead of a blessing, where being unique is attacked rather than idiolized. This unsafe and unwelcome world leads us to be people we are not simply because it is easier than fighting to be our selves. People feel that hiding and being someone else is much more comfortable and efficient. Their main concern is to fit in, to just be the same as everyone else. This way no one can track their every move and probably judge them upon it. There is no
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