The Mars One Project (MOP)

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The Mars One Project (MOP) is a global non-profit organization that plans to send four individuals to land and live on Mars in 2023. However, the mission will not be easy and executing it successfully will require much mental, physical, and technological training. With that being said, many questions and explanations are needed about the plan's mission, finance, feasibility, reasoning, preparation, and technology. The Mar's One Project's reason to go to Mars is fairly straightforward. Sending people to live on Mars is another giant leap for mankind's history and progression. Curiosity is a major reason to extend our science to Mars. Landing and living on Mars could reveal and answer many questions that scientists and society would like to…show more content…
In order to qualify, an individual must be at least 18 years of age, which means they will be roughly 28 years old when they launch the mission if someone applies and is accepted when they are 18. The individual must be in top physical shape. They must be mentally healthy and have no family history of fatal/harmful cancers, diseases, and so forth. Although it's not required, it's helpful to have a contributing skill set such as a doctor or engineer. According to MOP two of the first four people sent will be doctors. The astronauts will undergo 8 years of training for the mission. The time it will take for them to get to mars is roughly seven months, so the traveling time is far less than the training program. Living on Mars is comparable to living in a desert form of Antarctica. The people on Mars can expect to see a desert environment. There are giant canyons, cliffs, water-less streams in the ground, and the color of nearly everything is orange or red. During the training program the individuals will be trained at facilities in certain deserts in the world to prepare them for what they will see, hear, touch, and smell on Mars. After arriving on Mars the individuals will proceed to grow crops using technologically advanced green houses that were sent prior and during the mission. The living pods sent there are designed to make the astronauts feel comfortable and relaxed when they are inside...similar to a luxurious hotel

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