The Marketing Business Essay

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The Marketing Business Ramiro Torres MGMT 330 Jacqueline McClure (March 26, 2010) Abstract In order to have an effective Marketing Business everyone’s general strategy to target the market with communication and advertisement through coordination using the elements of the marketing mix to be effective and consistent. The way businesses gain their market share and know who to target comes from the many integrated marketing communications techniques. These techniques help advertisements six aspects to develop the right plan for the audience to measuring its effects to determining the correct message for the target market as well as the type of media being used. The Marketing Business There are many types of marketing strategies because of the vast markets that must targeted direct and indirectly through objectives of both advertising and communication that must be properly managed to target the right customers for the right market. Market communication involves the marketer and the potential customers that require research of the audience that is targeted in order to effectively attract and develop the value proposition. To do this, research must be done to determine what is the market today? Where is it heading tomorrow? What are the greatest obstacles and risks? Where do the greatest opportunities lie? Who are the key players and what are their strategies? Communication can use both personal and nonpersonal channels of communication. Personal communication is stimulated by face to face interaction with a salesman and potential customers, while nonpersonal communication targets the market through the internet, media, direct mail, billboards as well as magazines and newspapers where as mass media is

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