The Marine War Chapter 1 Summary

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Khadijah Overton 12/9/2012 3B THE CHOCOLATE WAR 1. Jerry Renault is a freshman at Trinity, a private all-male Catholic high school in New England. 2. Jerry is trying out for the position of quarterback on the freshman football team. 3. While in practice, Jerry gets tackled from a defenseman. 4. When he is finally able to get onto his feet again, his coach, upset over his overall performance, sends him to the locker room. 5. On his way to the locker room, his coach tells him to show up the next day. Chapter 2 6. In the second chapter it introduced two new characters; Archie and Obie, who are seniors at Trinity High School. 7. They are sitting on the bleachers at the football field watching the tryouts. 8.…show more content…
Jacques begins using the word on purpose. Chapter 21 131. Two students, Kevin and Danny are on the phone talking about how Jerry Renault, they want to stop selling chocolates, their tired of it. 132. Two other students, Howie and Richy, discuss the same topic; they think Jerry has the right idea as well. 133. Howie, who is also the president of the junior class, as well as an excellent student and athlete, says he will not sell them any longer either, Ricky is shocked. 134. Obie leaves a note for Archie to meet him in the gym. 135. Obie tells him that Jerry is still not selling the chocolates. 136. Obie convinces Archie that Jerry is defying The Vigils by refusing to sell the chocolates. 137. Archie tells Obie to get Jerry to appear in front of the group. 138. When Obie reminds Archie that he promised Leon that The Vigils would help in the sale, Archie says he will handle Leon. Chapter 22 139. Brian Cochran is depressed by how poorly the chocolate sale is going. 140. Brother Leon has stopped checking the totals daily, but on this particularly bad day, Brother Leon appears. 141. Leon makes Brian read off how many boxes each boy has sold. 142. When Brian reads Jerry’s name, Leon gets

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