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Marine NCO Essay The Marine Non-Commissioned Officer is the embodiment of the Marine Corps’ history and tradition because Marine NCOs exemplify the standards, traits, and traditions that have separated the Marine Corp from the other branches of service throughout history. As such, Marine NCOs represent this by upholding the tradition of guarding United States embassies, upholding strict physical requirements, and using effective leadership traits to maintain discipline among the junior ranks. Guarding embassies is a tradition and duty proudly held by many past and present NCOs. They take pride in knowing that they have the honor of being selected out of the world’s elite fighting force to carry out what could be done by many other organizations. They know that the world doesn’t need Marine security guards, or even Marines. What gives them the strength to remain diligent is the knowledge that the world wants a Marine Corps. Not only does the United States want Marines to fight and win battles, it wants and trusts Marines to guard personnel, material, and information designated as important to the nation. This is why NCOs embody tradition of the Marine Corps. High standards are a trademark of the Marine Corps. Being the best at everything you do is not only encouraged but expected as well. Through rigorous training and demanding physical requirements the Marine Corps maintains itself as the world’s elite fighting force. These standards are upheld and taught at their most basic level by Marine NCOs. Through experience and dedication, NCOs guide junior Marines by passing on knowledge related to their Military Occupational Specialty they have gained as well as counseling them. Doing so helps junior Marines improve themselves in their professional and personal lives. It is through this guidance and experience that NCOs uphold and represent that they maintain the

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