The Marijuana Essay

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Marijuana Should Not Be Legal In Any Part Of The World The legalization of the marijuana has been around for a long time. As the years passed people have brought back the issue of legalizing marijuana. And for this reason is why people are taking action to oppose the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana should not be legalized. Marijuana should not be legalized because of its physical effects, financial problems, and government issues even though it has some few medical benefits. However, the legalization of this addiction could have the same background issues as the legalization of the alcohol in the past year. Most people could get so freaked out about the fact that this product is a free acquisition for anyone. First of all, marijuana should not be legalized because of the physical effects. The use of marijuana affects the person by causing “harm of short-term memory, logical thinking, hallucination, energy loss, toxic effect on brain nerve cells, and etc”. Since the effects, many people should know why they shouldn’t smoke marijuana. And by not legalizing marijuana many people don’t have to worry about these effects. Following, marijuana causes financial problems. By smoking marijuana, many people end up buying marijuana instead of their needs. For example, people would rather buy marijuana instead of buying food for their family because it is cheaper the amount of pounds that the total quantity of the food bought in markets. In view of the fact that people who smokes marijuana, have a hunger for it. And if marijuana were not legalized, less people would have to go through those desires. Third, marijuana should not be legalized because of government issues. If marijuana is legalized the government would not make any money since the people won’t be buying cigarettes or alcohol any more. And if the cigarettes or alcohol are not sold, the

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